I want to Welcome Everyone to North Hills!  If you need anything please contact me or a Town Council Member.

I want to Welcome Everyone to North Hills!  If you need anything please contact me or a Town Council Member.

A message from your Mayor

Hello to fellow North Hills Residents,  
I’d like to take a moment and introduce myself as the new Mayor of North Hills.  I moved to North Hills in the summer of 2009 with my wife and 5 children.  We have enjoyed living here and participating in the many activities and events of our wonderful town.  

I was elected to the North Hills Town Council during the General Election in Nov. 2016.  I chose to run for Council as I thought I could contribute my time and knowledge to keep North Hills as a preferred area to live in the Mid-Ohio Valley.  The same reasons motivated me to accept the appointment to Mayor this April.  My and I family have lived many communities across 7 different states.   Those experiences of living and working, as an Engineering Manager, across the country are what I often draw upon to contribute to North Hills.  

One of the main concepts of North Hills that I enjoy is that we are an incorporated municipality within the State of West Virginia; but are still small enough to be managed as a neighborhood.  This allows for much easier, quicker, and appropriate resolutions of the issues that arise.  We don’t have a large bureaucracy with department heads for each city function, as larger towns would have.  As a town, we do have the structure and resources to address issues that allows for the best interest of the entire community.   
There are many great events and traditions, old and new, that occur in North Hills.  We just had another wonderful Fishing in the Hills event and we had OVU students volunteer and to help clean clutter and overgrowth from along the stream.  As I, Town Council (former and current) members, and many other residents have realized; these activities take a lot of work and sponsorship (donations) to make them successful.  Please consider joining one or more of the committees to help promote and make these events and the Town of North Hills the preferred place to raise families.  Your time commitment, of even a few hours, is very beneficial and you’ll have the opportunity to meet a great group of people who are helping to make North Hills the kind of community we all want to be a part of.  Please look through this issue to see what upcoming Events and/or Committees would be of interest to you.

Dale Baumgartner
Mayor - The Town of North Hills


Dale graduated from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology with a Masters Degree in Metallurgical Engineering. Dale enjoys helping around Town including North Hills Pool.  

Dale enjoys hunting and fishing, but never seems to have enough time.  His favorite game to pursue is upland birds, especially pheasants. 

Dale is married to Sarah and they have a five children, and few four legged friends.