Volunteer Opportunities for North Hills Residents

The Pond Team:

The Pond is located at the center of our community.  It is a key location for many of our town activities.  This group helps maintain the pond and the surrounding area.  They also work on our annual Fishing in the Hills day.  Don Stemple and Chris Johnson head this team

Holiday Festival Team:

We currently have three Holiday Festivals in North Hills.  Our fourth of July celebration, Halloween, and Christmas in the Hills.  Our team leadership this year is new, and would love your help.  Spencer Seeley and Regina Smith are our team leaders.

The Yard Sale Team:

Every year we hold two community yard sales.  Hundreds of visitors come to North Hills to pick up bargains and The traffic from these events can be intimidating.  The team works on marketing, organizing, and helping to keep traffic flowing during our sale days.  If you would like to help contact team leaders Debra Seeley or Chris Nahley.

Beautification Team:

Keeping our neighborhood looking its best takes hard work.  The Beautification help assure that we are doing our best to get that work done.  The group covers many areas throughout our community, including our common areas, and the adopt a highway program.  For more information on how to help contact Dale Baumgartner or Don Stemple.

Welcoming Team:

Our welcoming team reaches out to new residents to share important information about North Hills.  This includes our town ordinances and activities.  They also do their best to make them feel welcome and answer any questions they may have.  If you like promoting our community and meeting new people, this is the team for you.  Chris Johnson and Debra Seeley head the Welcoming team.